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Common Name

Loebner magnolia

Scientific Name

  Magnolia x loebneri (Magnoliaceae, Magnoliales)

Inventory Numbers: 499

The Loebner magnolia (Magnolia x loebneri), is a hybrid of the Magnolia kobus and the Magnolia stellata. The tree usually develops as a multi-trunk small tree with a large crown. In the early spring, flower buds appear from velvety casings on bare branches. The long, narrow petals open first as a goblet shape and then as star shaped flowers. The flowers are fragrant. The tree has oval leaves turning yellow in the fall.Genus name honors Pierre Magnol, French botanist (1638 – 1715) and the epithet recognizes the German horticulturist, Max Loebner who made the first cross of this hybrid in the early 1900s. Magnolia x loebneri is the result of a cross between M. kobus and M. stellata made by Max Lobner of Pillnitz Germany.

Specimen Provenance:

Common name: Loebner Magnoia

Species Origin: A cultivar made in Germany early 1900s. Parent species M. kobus and M. stellata both came from Japan

New Jersey Status: No USDA reference.

Habit: 20 – 30’ tall with a slightly greater spread. Most often grown as a multistemmed short tree. The general shape is reounded to broad-rounded.

Habitat: Zone 5 – 9

Trunk/Stem: Stem thnner than M. x soulangeana about 1/8” diameter, brown-purple-green with ellipitcal oval gray vertical lenticels. Older trunks gray and sculptural.

Leaves: Deciduous, Simple, Alternate. Leaf narrow obovate., 4 – 6” long x 1 – 2 1/4” wide; tip acute, base rounded, margins entire; adaxial blade dark green.

Flowers: Perfect. Flowers 12 tepals, fragrant.; Dirr (2009) contends they are the most beautiful blossums of all magnolias. Flower bud silky, furry

Fruits and seeds: Cone-like fruits with red-coated seeds suspended on slender thread at maturity (fruits sometimes absent on this hybrid).