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Common Name

Pink star magnolia

Scientific Name

Magnolia stellata (Sieb. & Zucc.) Maxim. ‘Rosea’ (Magnoliaceae, Magnoliales)

Inventory Numbers: 521

The pink star magnolia(Magnolia stellata rosea)is the earliest blooming of the Magnolias; it was introduced to the West in the 1860’s. The ‘Rosea’ cultivar has pink flower buds which fade to white at maturity. Sometimes the flower color pink persists.

Specimen Provenance:

Common name: Pink Star Magnolia

Species Origin: Mountains of Nagoya, Japan; introduced to the West in 1862.

New Jersey Status: USDA Unreported.

Habit: 10 -20’ tall;

Habitat: Zones 4 – 8.

Trunk/Stem: Bark silver gray;

Leaves: Deciduous, Simple, Alternate. 2 – 4” long. Young leaf and autumn colors bronze. Leaves obovate and narrow. The upper blade surface is dark green and the undersurface is paler.

Flowers: Perfect. Showy fragrant flowers with narrow white to pink blushed petals resembling a star-burst in shape with up to 20 petal-like tepals. The tepals are rounded at the tip.

Fruits and seeds: Like other magnolias the fruit is an aggregate of follicles, 2” long, twisted and usually with only a few fertile carpels